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    • Hi Nikki you can follow french cinema review and read all my film reviews on Twitter @prescottfcr. Thanks for getting in touch.

  1. I wonder if you or anyone can help me track down two french films. All I know are the plots:
    1) A schoolboy’s mother dies but he keeps it a secret to avoid being taken into care. His friends cover for him.
    2) A couple’s young child has died and they have become estranged. They are drawn together when a young boy visits them for the summer.
    Many thanks.

  2. No comment- I am trying to track down a French film I saw in 2014. I thought the name was “L’Equipe” but that turns up nothing. The plot is set in Brittany in a small town with a lighthouse as a prominent feature. The crew of the lighthouse is hostile to a newcomer who has served in the Algerian war and has a mangled hand. He falls in love with the wife of his co-worker. The movie starts with the daughter of the union finding her mother’s diary.

    • Hi the film is L’Equipier directed by Philippe Lioret with Sandrine Bonnaire. Great film.

  3. I just watched the movie Aurore. It was great. I would love to know in which town the movie was shot. Read lots of revues and the film credits but could not find location mentioned any where. Does anyone know the location.

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