Eurocinema to launch in the UK

British fans of European cinema can now sit back and enjoy their favourite films after Eurocinema’s decision to launch its own dedicated slot on UK television starting on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

The channel is kicking off with two French romantic comedies – Laurent Chouchan’s Les Vertiges de l’Amour (Love Vertigo). Billed as “a fun, witty French comedy with English subtitles”, it features Philippe Torreton as a man who has pre-wedding jitters on the eve before his marriage. And his thoughts switch between sweet dreams and nightmares of a life with another woman.

Love Vertigo is followed by a screening of Bruno Podalydes’ Versailles Rive-Gauche (A Night in Versailles ) considered to be among the best work from the global film festival circuit.  In Podalydes’s film – a French, romantic comedy with English subtitles – a young man in Versailles invites a Parisian girl to his place for dinner, but the evening is thrown into turmoil. Podalydes also directed the superb Comme un Avion (The Sweet Escape).

The films are screened on Sky channel 212, currently the home of Showcasetv. Feature-length movies as well as shorter films will be shown every evening from 9pm.

Eurocinema is already a popular channel in the US and Canada and its new UK slot is expected to reach 12 million Sky TV viewers and, based on audience demand, could lead to more air time or even a dedicated Eurocinema television channel.

Sébastien Perioche, President and Founder of Eurocinema World, said: “We are delighted to bring Eurocinema to the UK. The country’s cultural diversity and interest in the arts is a natural fit for the Eurocinema brand. We believe the UK television audiences will enjoy our films, and find them enriching.”

Founded in 2007, Eurocinema is an on demand movie channel offering fans of global cinema access to feature and short movies otherwise unavailable to them and providing foreign filmmakers unprecedented visibility in front of North American viewers and the Hollywood creative community.

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