French films to watch out for in February

Unknown-1Chocolat – Roschdy Zem 

After supporting roles in a number of films stateside including the monster box-office hit Jurassic World and the box-office flop Burnt, Omar Sy is back on home turf in Zem’s fourth directorial stint. Chocolat is the true story of France’s first black clown, Cuba’s Rafael Padilla. He and his partner Footit were immensely popular during France’s Belle Epoque and the film traces the history of this ground breaking artist. Sy must be hoping this film will match the success of Les Intouchables with François Cluzet which is still the second most popular French film of all time.





Unknown-3Amis Public – Edouard Pluvieux

Kev Adams is one of France’s most popular young comedians. He headlined a successful comedy series SODA on the M6 TV channel and has appeared in some of the most successful French films of recent years including last year’s top grossing film The New Adventures of Aladdin. He stays with comedy for Pluvieux’s directorial debut as Léo, a young man who decides to fulfil his dying younger brother’s dream by pretending to pull-off a bank robbery. But events take a turn for the worse when Léo and his gang mistakenly rob the wrong bank and the pretence becomes reality.






Unknown-4Les Naufragés – David Charhon

Daniel Auteuil is Jean-Louis Brochard, a bank manager responsible for a huge scam that shakes the world of finance. Fleeing France under a false identity, he flies to Antigua where he expects to recoup several million euros. But he ends up marooned on a wild and hostile desert island with William Boulanger, who has been jilted by his fiancée in the middle of his honeymoon. 2015 was not a bad year for Auteuil. Both his comedies Entre Amis and Nos Femmes enjoyed moderate success at the box office. Teaming up with Laurent Stocker of the prestigious La Comédie Français is a smart move. Stocker is a gifted comic actor who has yet to score a real hit.






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