Five French films to see in December


Un plus Une – Claude Lelouche.

Unknown-1After the disappointing Salaud On t’Aime with ageing rocker Johnny Hallyday in the lead role, veteran director Lelouche goes further afield for this love story between forty-somethings Antoine (Jean Dujardin) and Anna (Elza Zylberstein). Premiered at the Festval du Film Francophone d’Angouleme, Jardin plays a famous film score composer who travels to India to write the music for an Indian version of Romeo and Juliet.  While there he embarks on a complicated relationship with Anna, the wife of the French Ambassador (Christophe Lambert).


La Vie Très Privée de Monsieur Sim – Michel Leblanc

Unknown-2Based on the Jonathan Coe novel The Very Private Life of Mr Sim, Leblanc’s subtle comedy follows divorcee Francois Sim (Jean-Pierre Bacri) as he travels around France as a toothbrush salesman with his daughter revisiting places from his past. It is described as “a middle-aged man’s journey and how he finds new hope after he has lost his life compass “. Co-starring Mathieu Amalric and Vimala Pons.



Le Grand Jeu – Nicolas Pariser

Unknown-3Debut feature from Nicolas Pariser, a former student of Eric Rohmer and assistant to the legendary ‘Man of Cinema’ Pierre Rissient. This political thriller stars Melvil Poupaud (Laurence Anyways) as Pierre Blum a writer whose career is on the decline, One evening he has a chance encounter with the mysterious Joseph Paskin (Andé Dussollier) who asks him to carry out a strange request. Co-starring Clemence Poesy.



Le Nouveau – Rudi Rosenberg

Unknown-4The winner of the San Sebastian film festival’s New Director’s top prize, Rosenberg’s debut feature is a Paris-set pre-teen comedy about the pain of adolescence with an impressive cast of first time young actors. Benoit (Rephael Ghrenassia) is the new kid in school having moved with his family to Paris from the port town of Le Havre. He soon finds making friends and fitting in is more difficult than he thought. Co-starring Max Boublil (Prêt à tout).



Le Grand Partage – Alexandra Leclère

Unknown-5Josianne Balasko and Karin Viard star in this black comedy with a touch of zeitgeist. Paris is experiencing one of its worst-ever winters causing the government to issue a decree forcing well- off French citizens to welcome into their own homes people who have nothing. The move sends shock waves through one of the capital’s wealthiest apartments blocks.



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