Claude Lelouche

Born 30 October 1937 in Paris. His father was said to have given him a camera after he failed his Baccalaureate.  He began by filming documentaries before moving into feature films. His first films met with little success until Un Homme et Une Femme  (A Man and a Woman) in 1966 which became a huge international success. The film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and two Oscars – one  for Best Foreign Film and the other for Best original story and Screenplay. His later films have not repeated this earlier success.  Lelouche abandoned a project in 2004 to complete a trilogy of films Le Genre Humain after the first film Les Parisiens was described by French magazine Paris Match as “one of the most resounding flops of French cinema”. He has fathered seven children whose names all begin with S (Sarah, Salomé, Seb, Simon, Shaya, Shachka, et Stella). In  2012, he opened his own school of cinema and theatre in Beaune, eastern France.


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